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Split Method with an "@" Identifier using C#.Net

                 In this article i would like to publish Split Method with an "@" Identifier using C#.Net.Related to String related articles you can visit the link.

                    String is a collection of characters it can be used as a string data type as well as string class.When string acts as a class it consists of split method.

        String class consists of split method it is used to split a data as per the usage of delimiters used by a users.It identifies the substrings that are delimited by one or more characters specified in an array, and then return these substrings in a string array.

Forms of a Split Method:
  • string[] Split(params char[])
  • string[] Split(params char[] separator) 
             we want to split a given string "Naga Veerendra Parvataneni".Here we use " "(space) as a delimiter like wise we can split a given strings.

In this section i would like to explore different ways of splitting a given string with the usage of an "@" Identifier.
Don't use unrecognized delimiters in split array.Like "\N" is Different from "\n".If you use that it gives an error.It Can be Possible only if you use "@" preceded of the string.For Example U can visit.

About an Identifier "@":
When the at sign (@) occurs before an identifier—the name of a method, property, variable, …—, then the compiler will consider the following string to be an identifier even if the string already has a meaning, e.g. a keyword. 

int new=100;//new is a keyword it gives an error if we use that statement.
int @new=100;//it won't gives an error because compiler can be used as an identifier even it already have a meaning.


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

namespace split123
    class Class3
        static void Main(string[] args)
            string s=@"Hi\Nhow r u\NWelcome to This \NBlog share\NYour Ideas........\NUr'sVeerendra... ";
            string[] a;
            Console.WriteLine("Original String");
            Console.WriteLine("After Splitting");
            string[] b = new string[] { @"\N" };
            a = s.Split(b,StringSplitOptions.None);
            foreach (string p in a)

Split  Method with an Identifier


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